Research of Divergence Trajectory with a Given Risk of Ships Collisions


  • Kostiantyn Kherson State Maritime Academy



collision avoidance, control systems, automatic control, navigation simulator


There were considered the issues of the optimal collision avoidance in the target’s risk field. A method of optimal divergence by course maneuvering is proposed, which makes it possible to minimize the divergence trajectory for a given risk of collision and consists in organizing the movement of the vessel along the trajectory of a given risk. The risk field of the target is a normal distribution law characterized by the root-mean-square parameters of the uncertainties associated with measurement errors of the parameters of the vessel's state vector and target, errors of actuators, errors of the used mathematical models, errors of calculation, etc. The operability and efficiency of the proposed method, algorithmic and software were tested on the Imitation Modeling Stand, which is the Navi Trainer 5000 navigation simulator and a model of on-board controller included in its local network with the software of the risk divergence module. The Imitation Modeling Stand allows to work out the software of control systems, including the considered optimal divergence module, in a closed circuit with the Navi Trainer 5000 navigation simulator, using all its advantages.




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Kostiantyn. (2021). Research of Divergence Trajectory with a Given Risk of Ships Collisions. Modeling, Control and Information Technologies: Proceedings of International Scientific and Practical Conference, (5), 64–67.