Modeling of filtration processes in periodic porous media




homogenized problems, convolutions equations, parabolic problems, Laplace transforms


Modeling of dynamic processes of diffusion and filtration of liquids in porous media are discussed. The media are formed by a large number of blocks with low permeability, and separated by a connected system of faults with high permeability. The modeling is based on solving initial boundary value problems for parabolic equations of diffusion and filtration in porous media. The structure of the media leads to the dependence of the equations on a small parameter. Assertions on the solvability and regularity of such problems and the corresponding homogenized convolution problems are considered. The statements are actual for the numerical solution of this problem with guaranteed accuracy that is necessary to model the considered processes.




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Sandrakov, G., Hulianytskyi, A., & Semenov, V. (2021). Modeling of filtration processes in periodic porous media. Modeling, Control and Information Technologies: Proceedings of International Scientific and Practical Conference, (5), 90–93.