The Sperner's Theorem


  • Stepan Tarasenko student



In the course of this work the analysis of the proofs of the simple case of the Sperner Theorem was carried out, the approaches to the proof of the complicated case were proposed, the partial cases of multisets were considered, the theorem for these partial cases was proved, the generalized theorem was proved for some partial cases.   (the number of n - element multisets of k - element multiset), developed a small program to graphically show this fact, proved the bimonotonicity of this function. Also, in the course of this work, one of the possible applications of this theorem was considered, namely, the «Procedure for secret distribution», but the applied potential of the theorem does not end there.




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Tarasenko, S. (2021). The Sperner’s Theorem. Modeling, Control and Information Technologies: Proceedings of International Scientific and Practical Conference, (5), 87–89.